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How its work ?


You can rent solar panels and earn every hour for 30 days,
1 solar panel will make 3030KW Electricity in 30 days this power you can sell with $28.8 and 1 solar panel rent price is 20$ so you will earn $28.8 with one solar panel in 30 days.

Rent Solar Panels
Note: you can rent unlimited solar panels by make deposit in your account, we offer 400$ for 80 solar panels for testing purpose its work only for 12 hours after 12 hours you can make deposit and rent panels for 30 days. .

What is 400$ Bonus ?

With 400$ Bonus amount you can rent 20 solar panels for 12 Hours these panels will make 202KW electricity in 12 Hours and you can sell with 9.60$.
Note: after 12 Hours you need to make deposit for rent 30 days solar panel each solar panel rent price is 20$. .

What is cash points ?

Work Points Work Time
Facebook Share 5 Points Daily
Telegram Group Share 5 Points Daily
WhatsApp Group Share 5 Points Daily
Each Referral Join 1 Point When anyone join with your link
Every Hour Energy Sale 1 Point When you earn from Solar Panel

How much i can earn?

Its depends on your solar panels quantity
1 solar panel will make daily 101KW energy its worth $0.96 and 3030KW in 30 days its worth $28.8, you can rent unlimited panels its depend on your investment. .

Withdrawal rules

The minimum withdrawal amount is 20$ and withdrawal fee is 14%.
Note: for first withdraw you must have atleast 20$ account balance for rent 1 solar panel because for first withdraw you need to rent atleast one solar panel with real account balance. .

Referral Rules

Earn 5% of deposit commission
Earn 3% of Earning commission every hour
Note: you can earn 2$ each join till 3 members and if your 3 referrals will make deposit then you will earn more 2$ for each join. .

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